Your Work Made Easier

You spend at least $42,000 a year on one office employee.

Your employees often are doing repetitive, mindless tasks that need to be done. Employees could be more engaged if they were spending more time on work that kept them thinking about the business.

The Problem With Automation

Everyone knows that specific repetitive tasks can probably be done by a computer, but most people can’t program a computer to do those tasks. Which means that employees are left doing jobs that can be done much faster and more accurately by a computer. Examples of this include data entry, the organization of information, and sending invoices or personalized email.

If you hire a computer programmer to develop automation, it is very costly, and usually takes a long time to develop a solution.

The Answer To Your Problem

Easy-to-use single task automation that anyone can handle.

A button, (or a couple) that employees can click to get your computer to do the work that you need to have done.

You describe the single task that needs to be automated; we create the automation.


We develop the automation for you. You only pay a monthly fee for the automation.

No risk. If you don’t need the automation anymore, you stop using it and stop paying for it.




  • No cost to create the automation.
  • Automation created and used by a single employee in your organization.
  • Automation is authorized on a single workstation.
  • Simple statistics and usage reports.
  • No cost to create the automation.
  • Automation can be used for up to 10 employees on different workstations in an organization.
  • Usage statistics from the automation can be manually compiled from the user’s computers.
  • No cost to create the automation.
  • Automation used for unlimited computers and employees.
  • Usage statistics are automatically compiled and provided to your company on a monthly basis.

$199/ month

$249/ month

$499/ month